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College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CASNR)

CASNR is the only college in Nebraska offering undergraduate, graduate and professional programs in basic and applied food, life, earth and social sciences integrated into the context of a global society founded on environmental stewardship.

It offers 28 baccalaureate programs, 2 post-baccalaureate professional degrees, a Master of Applied Science and numerous M.S. and Ph.D. graduate programs.

It also provides online courses serving high school students and the place bound college student seeking continuing education, certificates and/or degrees.

CASNR programs are designed to ensure that professional, academic and personal growth are priorities. CASNR offers students a high degree of personal interaction with faculty, high retention and graduation rates and exceptional placement in careers or pursuit of graduate programs or professional schools.

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Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture

The University of Nebraska--Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture located in Curtis, NE offers four majors; Veterinary Technology Systems, Agriculture Production Systems, Agribusiness Management Systems and Horticulture Systems. Each major has various options designed to fit students’ exact needs and goals. Our objective is to prepare students to enter the work force a step ahead of the competition.

NCTA also offers transfer options with all four majors. The University of Nebraska—Lincoln, campus participates in the transfer program and many 4 year institutions accept transfer credits from NCTA.(Please visit with an advisor prior to planning your transfer options).

NCTA occupies a 72-acre campus which adjoins the town of Curtis, Nebraska, on the northeast. The College also owns a 562-acre farm which serves as a field laboratory. The farm includes grain storage facilities, cattle growing and finishing facilities, and a completely diversified dry land and irrigated farming operation.

The 100 Acre Farm Advantage, 100 Beef Cow Advantage, Agronomy Scholars, Business Builders and the Equine Dentistry Program all encourage entrepreneurship and ownership. These specialty programs allow students the opportunity to expand their knowledge and to achieve their career and life goals.

NCTA also offers online courses that can accommodate busy schedules. In addition, classes are also offered to high school students around the nation that are looking to expand their agricultural knowledge and obtain college credit.