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Mobile apps put Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources information at your fingertips. Whether you take these apps on a trip to the grocery store or out in the field, they give you the information you need, when and where you need it. Interested in an app for your project? Let the experts at UNL's Ed Media design your app. Check out our apps!

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More Mobile Apps

Irrigation Flow Meter Calculator app icon

Irrigation Flow Meter Calculator- Monitor Irrigation Data from Your Phone

This app calculates the amount of water pumped by irrigation pumping plants and can store data such as field size (in acres), flow meter units, and allocation and annual irrigation caps for each field. The app is available in the Apple App and Google Play stores. Cost is $1.99.

Horse BCS app icon

Horse BCS- A mobile app for hose body condition scoring

eXtension HorseQuest has created a great new app to help you body condition score your horse. This app will help you manage your horses and keep them healty, whether you are a private horse owner, run a horse business, or work with horse related law enforcement. The app is available through the iTunes store, or Google Play.

IrrigatePump app icon

Irrigation Pumping Plant Efficiency Calculator- Whether your pumping plant uses diesel, electricity, gasoline, natural gas, or propane, this app will help you calculate its efficiency and how much savings you could see by making upgrades to your system.

A new UNL mobile app — IrrigatePump — can help you identify irrigation pumping plants that are underperforming and need to be adjusted, repaired, or replaced with a better design. Developed by University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension, this app (UNL A10001) uses existing records to help determine when pumping plants should be tested by a professional..

IrrigateCost app icon

Agriculture Irrigation Costs App- Why compute the annualized costs of owning and operating an irrigation system?

A number of management decisions are based on the annualized costs of owning and operating an irrigation system. Before developing land for irrigation, the first decision should be to determine whether the irrigation system will be economically feasible. In other words, Will the net income from the increased yields achieved by irrigation development exceed the additional ownership and operating costs of owning and operating the irrigation system over the expected life of the various system components.

Grass Snapp app icon

GrassSnap- A Mobile App for Monitoring Grasslands

GrassSnap makes photo-monitoring a snap! Rangeland managers can quickly grab repeatable photo-monitoring data, and save it to their smart device. Data can easily be downloaded to a computer.


Aphid Speed Scout icon

Aphid Speed Scout – Voted "Best Mobile Agriculture App For 2012" by -- Speed scouting is a different way to determine if soybean aphids have reached the 250 aphids per plant threshold. It relies on the number of "infested" plants. Plants are considered "infested" if there are 40 or more aphids on that sample. No more having to try to count all the aphids on a plant to determine whether it has reached the threshold of 250 aphids per plant. This helps you quickly determine — yes or no — whether the plant has 40 aphids and would be considered "infested." It then recommends further scouting or treatment options based on the number of "infested" plants in a given area.

Pesticide Recordkeeping (PeRK) icon

Pesticide Recordkeeping (PeRK) – PeRK provides an easy, step-by-step data entry process to enter pesticide application data and meets all Nebraska recordkeeping laws for private and commercial/noncommercial pesticide applicators. Location is found by GPS or manually entered. Records are saved within the app and can be exported via email.


NU Beef BCS icon

NU Beef BCS – Body condition scores (BCS) describe the relative fatness of a cow based on a nine-point scale. It is an effective management tool to use to evaluate the nutritional status of the herd. The body condition scoring system allows producers to visually assess their cow herd using a number system that objectively describes the amount of condition or fat reserve of an animal. Because cow/calf producers do not weigh cows on a regular basis, they need a management technique that will evaluate their cow herd relative to pro- ductivity and profit potential. Cow body condition score is closely related to reproductive efficiency and is a more reliable indicator of the nutritional status of a cow than body weight.

NU Beef BCS icon

NU Beef UTS – The conformation of a beef cow's teats and udder are important in a profitable cow/calf enterprise. Although selecting and culling based on conformation of teats and udders may be considered convenience trait selection, selecting against poor teats and udders increases profit potential by increasing calf performance, reducing calf sickness, increasing longevity of the cow, and reducing labor inputs.


NU Beef Anatomy icon

NU Beef Anatomy – The Beef Anatomy app provides visual and text information about the muscles and bones of the beef carcass. The user can navigate through the carcass by displaying cross-sections and then touch any muscle or bone to display the respective physical and chemical properties.


UR Parent icon


U R Parent App – Information for parents in the first year of your child's life. This app is geared to the specific age of your baby. Information on child development and parenting from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Crop Water app iconCrop Water calculator estimates the soil water status based on Watermark sensors installed at the depths of 1,2 and 3 feet.



 Western Bean Cutworm Speed Scout graphic designWestern Bean Cutworm Speed Scout - Speed scouting is a new method for determining whether Western Bean Cutworm (WBC) populations have reached the action threshold for treatment .



 Backyard Farmer graphic designBackyard Farmer - The televised version of Backyard Farmer has been on the air, each April to September, since 1953. The panel provides research-based answers to gardening questions about insect pests, fruits and vegetables, turf and landscape design and much more. Read reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots. Download mBYF and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


Market journal app graphicMarket Journal - Market Journal's award-winning television show is now available for iPhone and iPad. The universal app includes segment clips from the weekly show as well as end-of-day futures prices, Nebraska daily elevator prices, local weather, and news from various agricultural sources. The iPhone version even allows you to ask a question from the experts by snapping a photo in the field and sending it to the Market Journal experts.


Snack Planet icon

Snack Planet - Snack Planet is a game developed by The University of Nebraska - Lincoln which aims to promote the benefits of healthy snacking and exercise. Help Optimis, the robot, move quickly through the maze, grab the healthy foods and reach the exit before the time runs out. A word of warning though, steer clear of the snacks which are not healthy. They reduce both time and score.


GrowIt-KnowIt icon

GrowIt-KnowIt- Where do hot dogs come from? How about milk? Hamburgers? Eggs? Most youngsters likely will say the grocery store. Of course, the real answer is much more fascinating, and "We Grow It, Do You Know It" is a lively free app that gives kids their first lessons in how agriculture produces the things they love to eat – and even their crayons. From the University of Nebraska's Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources.


4 Day Throwaway App4-Day Throw Away-  A new application available for Apple devices -- iPhone and iPod touch -- helps protect consumers from bad leftovers.



myUNLextension - myUNLextension is a utility application for iOS users to locate and map directions to their nearest University of Nebraska Extension office, and for viewing upcoming UNL Extension events. The app also links to UNL Extension content (like Backyard Farmer) at iTunes U, County Extension Office websites and the Nebraska 4-H web site.

Career Explorer by Nebraska 4-H- Get started on the right path to making smart life choices with the Career Explorer website and Career Explorer iPad App from University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension, Nebraska 4-H, and the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources. The app was also recently featured at kiosks for youth at Husker Harvest Days near Grand Island, Neb.

Nebraska Extension 4-H at the State Fair Map app designed to help visitors find their way around the Nebraska State Fair.


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