2014 Annual Reporting

Updated instruction guides

The instructions guides below have been updated for the 2014 reporting year. All guides are available as PDF files.

NOTE: There are no changes in the content entry nor in the report output format. Only system enhancements by the company Digital Measures.

Training sessions

We will again offer a webinar via Adobe Connect and several hands-on training sessions in Hardin Hall. We will provide tips for content entry throughout the report. We will also discuss the 2014 system updates.

View the recorded webinar

Hands-on sessions in Hardin Hall 142
 • Wed, Jan 7: 9:00-10:30 AM
 • Thurs, Jan 8: 1:30-3:00 PM
Please note that a session needs a minimum of 5 registered attendees to be offered.

Registration is available online via the Eventbrite system.


Instruction Guides for Completing the Annual Report

The instruction guides have been updated for the 2014 reporting year. Everyone will need to view or print the first three guides as all IANR faculty or staff reporting via Activity Insight are required to complete the Yearly Summary Statement and the appropriate Goal screen(s). You will complete other sections as appropriate for your position.

Activity Insight - 2014 Annual Report (updated 10/23/14)
  Tips for Entering Content and Reviewing Your Report
  Includes brief description of all system updates affecting faculty input.

Writing Your Summary Statement

Entering Goal Accomplishments and Goals for Next Year (updated 10/23/14)
  Teaching, Research, Extension, Outreach and Service

Checking Grants and Contracts Content (new 10/23/14)

Entering and Checking Teaching Content (updated 10/23/14)
  Academic Advising, Directed Student Learning, Scheduled Teaching, Curriculum Development Efforts

Entering and Updating Publications - Intellectual Contributions (updated 10/28/14)

Entering Presentations Records (updated 10/23/14)

Entering Extension Content (updated 10/23/14)
  Programs, Educational Resources, or Curriculum Developments

Entering IANR Administrative Information (updated 10/24/14)


2014 Report due date

IANR - Friday, January 16, 2015

NFS - Friday, January 23, 2015


Managing Departmental Administrative Functions
(recorded webinar)

July 30, 2014

The webinar presenters go through the instruction guide and provide additional policy information to help administrative assistants effectively use the Activity Insight system.

IANR Guide for Departmental Administrative Functions (PDF 790KB)

View the webinar
   (opens in new window)

  • 0:00 - 9:55 Introduction and faculty account management (page 1)
  • 9:56 - 25:50 Verify or update faculty Apportionment Information and Yearly Data (pages 2-3)
  • 25:51 - 37:50 View or print Annual Reports (page 4)
  • 37:51 - 55:20 Generate report for data reporting and statiscal analysis (page 5)
  • 55:21 - 57:55 Summary and Help resources review

The Office of Academic Affairs maintains the Digital Measures Activity Insight™ license for the entire campus.